Frequently Asked Questions

You will find that a lot of questions you may have about our firm will be answered below.

Marian Financial Services, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser in the states of Florida, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas. We are not registered representatives and you will not find full disclosures about us on the FINRA Broker Check site. Instead, please visit the United States Securities and Exchange Commission web site located at http://adviserinfo.sec.gov.The CRD # for Marian Financial Services, Inc. is 141456. Richard Mark Allison's CRD # is 1813496.

Since July 15, 2006. The ownership of the firm was changed in January of 2019 to Richard Mark Allison as 100% owner. No other individual can give investment advice except Richard Mark Allison (formerly Richard Allison Johnson).

Rick offers Goals Based Financial Planning for a $1,200 - $1,800 fee depending on asset size through Marian Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser. It is not necessary to open any accounts or transfer any accounts to our firm to receive our Goals Based Financial Planning services. For more details, including fees visit Goals Based FP's.

Yes. We offer money management services with investment portfolios managed by Richard Mark Allison. In addition, we offer investment portfolios through our relationship with Morningstar Investment Services. For more details, including fees visit our Disclosures page.

Our firm does not sell insurance. However, our investment adviser representative, Richard Mark Allison is insurance licensed, but he rarely sells life insurance. Usually, he only sells life insurance when requested by a Financial Planning client. Mr. Allison prefers not to sell products and tries to avoid it in all interactions with clients.

Yes. Our former 50% owner, Stanley B. Rosenthal has two events at last check. However, Mr. Rosenthal was terminated as an Investment Adviser Representative from our firm effective November 3rd, 2017, by the Chief Compliance Officer, Richard Mark Allison. You can see the full explanations by visiting https://adviserinfo.sec.gov and by searching his full name, Stanley Barry Rosenthal.

Rick Allison doesn't sell annuities and has not sold a commission paying annuity since the 1990's, but is licensed to sell annuities.

Rick is a Realtor and licensed real estate sales associate with INI Realty Referral, Inc. All real estate transactions are processed through INI Realty Referral, Inc.

Through the ordinary course of business with people and their family relationships, we find that real estate decisions need to be made. This is especially true when dealing with elderly parents who have to move to an Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home or when they pass away. Rick obtained his real estate license in 2006 to help his clients with these type of real estate decisions. He is not active in the residential real estate market.

Rick can act as a fiduciary for people who died in other states owning property in Florida. The State of Florida has a law that has an option to hire a local fiduciary to handle the listing, sale and closing for the deceased's estate. When acting as a fiduciary, Mr. Allison will not be also acting as a real estate agent. It has to be one or the other. His real estate sales associate license number is SL3177487. Marian Financial Services, Inc. is not a real estate broker nor related in any way to INI Realty Referral, Inc.