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Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid.

The must have book for smart investors.

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More About the Book

Trying to convince 85% of Americans that they are being taken advantage of by banks, insurance companies and Wall Street firms is a monumental, if not herculean task. Here is the unfortunate revenue generating reality:

  • Generating revenue for your financial advisor's firm comes first.
  • Generating fees and commissions for your financial advisor comes second.
  • Sitting in last place on this list is you.

Now why on earth would you do business with firms who put their interests ahead of your own, especially when there is a better alternative? The truth is that you shouldn't.

Wally Street is a character invented by the author to describe a typical financial advisor who works for a bank, an insurance company, a Wall Street firm or perhaps all three. You may think that you are way too smart to be taken advantage of by someone like Wally Street. However, you will soon learn by reading this book that you are way too confident. After you have read the brutal reality exposed in this book, then all you have to do is look at your own account statements for proof.

There are numerous stories included in this book that shows the lack of integrity in the business model of Wally Street. In addition, you will learn the products that are frequently used by Wally to take your money away from you and leave you with illiquid investments that you are stuck in for up to a decade or longer!

Also, you will learn about the phony investments used by Ponzi schemers and not only how to recognize them, but how to avoid them altogether.

Further, the author details numerous examples of how people make critical and very costly mistakes using do-it-yourself online legal document firms. The author will prove to you why Estate Planning and Elder Law attorneys are some of the best friends that you will ever have. These attorneys can save you thousands, if not millions of dollars. Some of their specialized expertise is showcased in this book.

The choice is all yours. You can be smart by reading this book, or you can remain in the dark and continue to let the revenue generating business model of banks, insurance companies and Wall Street firms take advantage of you.

It is really not that tough of a decision once you think critically about it.