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From the author of Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid. A book every investor doing business with banks, insurance companies and Wall Street firms should read.

Rick's Book describes explains exposes the revenue generating business model.

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Our Inspiring Financial Plans



A simpler and secure way to gather your financial information.


Goals Based Plans

Not product based. Goals based instead.


Cash Flow Analysis

One of the most important things to understand.


Strategies to Succeed

This is my job.


For Individuals

$1,200 per year payable semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. See our Financial Plans page for more details.


Per Household Fee

The $1,200 fee applies to clients with the same address. See our Financial Plans page for more details.


A Second Opinion

This is what smart people do. Why not you?


Financial Decisions

Help with most all of your financial decisions.

Portfolio Management
Upon Request

Through Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. we can offer mutual funds, ETF's and stock portfolios based on Morningstar research, the industry leader. Morningstar has different portfolio minimums. For mutual fund and ETF portfolios they have a $50,000 minimum. For stock portfolios there is a $100,000 minimum. Click here for their Form ADV 2A.
Through our Registered Investment Adviser firm, Marian Financial Services, Inc., we offer ETF Portfolios with a $25,000 minimum, but can go as low as $10,000 with our ETF strategies. Typically, we have an low expense ratio (0.21 - 0.23) ETF Portfolio of between 12 - 15 ETF's which are broadly diversified with concentrations in some sectors we feel deserve an overweighting. For clients with smaller balances, we are still able to use ETF's for client's with accounts under $10,000 down to as low as $2,000 for clients just starting to build their assets. These ETF's that are under $10,000, invest in Dow Jones Asset Allocation strategies from Conservative to Aggressive. For more information, see our Form ADV 2A disclosure document below for Florida residents or the one for Indiana, Kentucky and Texas if you reside in one of those states.
For an unbiased and objective look at your existing portfolio with Morningstar® Reports, then please call Rick Johnson at (904) 460-2700.

We are pumped proud about our Plan, Process & Professionalism

Financial Plans and Investment Advice are offered through Marian Financial Services, Inc. which is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser based in the Jacksonville Florida area.
This firm is licensed in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas.

Click here for our Form ADV 2A Disclosure for Florida residents.

Click here for our Form ADV 2A Disclosure for Indiana, Kentucky and Texas residents.

Click here for Richard A. Johnson's Form ADV 2B Disclosure.

Click here for Stanley B. Rosenthal's Form ADV 2B Disclosure.

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  • Marian Financial Services, Inc. and First Coast Planning, LLC share offices. First Coast Planning, LLC is licensed as an insurance agency in Florida. First Coast Planning, LLC was formerly known as Rick Johnson Family Office LLC from August 2004 until March 2015.

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